Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers
Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

Why Our Pups and Our Family?

Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

Please Take The Time to Read This!

We understand as long as we have been around we have earned our reputation with each person thru 28 enjoyable years! Over those years we of have had others copy what we do/give as far as monitory fun products that we love and work….who doesn’t?!!

But in all honesty they can never duplicate Me, our dogs and who VHN Rottweiler is. Quality, integrity, passion, drive, growth in knowledge, continuing education, humbling. manners, support, care, love & God!- For some businesses this has gone away & somewhere lost. We are always trying to do better, be fair, and stay strong. That being said, I hope to continue earning your trust & business thru out your family and friends you you so highly recommend to me! I so very much appreciate your support in this phenomenal breed God has blessed us with, But your support for me as your breeder! Sincerely,
Tasha & Family

Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers
Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers
Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

Whether you want a Rottweiler as a pet, for therapy, work, or show you will find a match here. At Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers we breed some of the best Rottweilers in the Midwest. 

We raise dogs worthy to train, show, or join your families life.
The pups we produce are raised in a clean, spacious environment under our care and attention. Your puppy will be dewormed before going to your home. Your puppy will also be checked by a vet before he/she is sold to you at 12 weeks.

Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

What is included with our beautiful pups?

  1. A quality personally picked out swag bag
  2. Quality puppy food
  3. Complimentary Vacation Thank You
  4. Vet Checked or Paid vet check
  5. UTD Deworming
  6. UTD Shots
  7. One dose of monthly heart guard
  8. One free pet security tracking tag/You register tag
  9.  One free microchip/ you register chip
  10. One month free health insurance/You sign up
  11. One cute collar
  12. Our pups leave for home in 10 to 12 weeks learning in the pack, easier for house training and less nipping
  13. One helpful Educational Puppy Support Book
  14. Puppy life time breeder support (We are always there for you)
Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers
Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

Puppy Pictures

Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

A Happy Girl and Her Puppies

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