Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers
Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers
Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

We created this program years ago and believe no matter what age our dogs deserve the very least, a loving responsible, forever family to retire to as a responsible, caring Breeder. God has blessed me as a guardian for. We have chosen not to dump our dogs off in shelters or rescues because we do love them. We want to see them through “the circle of life.” so say as we ourselves would want with love and happiness. If we are to continue our passion/love for breeding and bettering and producing for this great breed then new generations must come in and retired moms and dads need a family for them to be loved and wanted. Sometimes Pet people do not understand the breeding part that it is good that we are not hoarders and it is a good thing that we do not want to keep them all & realistically we cannot. As we know, there are Rottweiler enthusiast, and people who sometimes cannot afford the cost of a Rottweiler puppy can do so through our program!

We can make dreams come true, we encourage you to shop with our adoption because we know that every family is unique and different as each of our dogs And for not wanting to do the work of a puppy -because it is a lot of work an adult is a smart way to go.

A puppy is not for everyone not even for a family with the work of children. We have seen this at times. it is like adding another child and for some it may be overwhelming?

That’s why we encourage you to “Shop”, meet with us and visit with you so we can help match one of our wonderful moms or dad‘s with you and your family. But also understand in this day & age we do not order dogs/cats up like Burger King or vending machine.

Adult dogs can be very much easier and more relaxed than a puppy and yes, they are very much trainable and smarter than many humans with the correct trainer/person. With consistency, patience, love, and a fair leader a dog can be well trained. We do Home, our dogs to Family Farms and homes without fencing yard. We believe that a family should get an opportunity to own a wonderful dog because a fence or farm.

We need Your help for those who want to foster a Retired Rottweiler mom or dad.

Homes prefer without cats (our dogs only know farm cats)

Our males can only be with female dogs and not other male dogs fixed or not. No other males! A fenced in yard is best for our males. (No its not because they are aggressive) They make great family pets … kids or no kids.

Females can go with other males or females depending on the females temperament. Each dog, as you know, is unique in their own way.

Our Facebook page will have updates on posted adoptions. We want to keep our moms and dads out of the shelters, Craigs List, or horribly chained in a back yard. They don’t get a choice. This is why we started this program because we care and love our dogs! We want them, like their puppies, to be in forever loving homes.

If you feel you can help our retired moms and dads find a forever family home, or fostering. please contact us on how you can help them. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who have the experience in owning other dogs in the past  Those who understand this breed and want to own a high end beautiful rottweiler at an adoption price. This is a win win for you and our rottweilers! Without YOU our dogs finding forever homes would not be possible. 

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