Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers
Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

Welcome to Minnesota Cats and Company!

We are a quality moral and ethical family cat Breeder of Maine coon and Bengal cats.
  • Our cats are registered with “the international cat Association” also known as TICA.

  • We have chosen to be a licensed cattery with the state of Minnesota.

  • Our home and family is located in beautiful Central Minnesota. We live on a beautiful 27 acre hobby farm.

  • After breeding & showing champion bred dogs for 28 plus years and working at the hospital many many years in the medical field & OB we now strictly full time have much passion & the time/work it takes to professionally to raise our “fur babies”.

  • We are part of the Mn pet breeders association. We go thru yearly educational seminars and keep up with educational CEU. We want to continue bettering ourselves & our cats of course. We are always open to learning & bettering!

  • We also are advocates not only in education but freedom in the right to be a quality breeder. There are many animal rights groups pushing all breeders, yes even good ones out for self agendas & shut down of all ownership in breeding. Even against families owning & having wonderful pets. So please continue your support in your quality cat/dog breeders.
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Maine coon
Brown & Silver Bengals

As a moral and ethical cat breeder here at Mn Cats & Co. we only breed healthy and happy cats. We love our cats and provide our moms/queens with proper nutrition, including real food and a quiet place to relax and enjoy being with her kittens to be a stress free environment, this helps them to be a good mother. The same with our beautiful males and treating them with love care & concern of an stress-free environment.

Our kittens do not leave our home until they are 12 weeks of age. They are vetted, with shots up-to-date per age. Our kittens are socialized with our family. The Bengal is not a lazy cat. It is an affectionate cat with its own personality & activity. Our Maine Coon is a little more domesticated so to say if comparing the two breeds.

What do our kittens come with?

  • All kittens come with a written health, Guarantee

  • A microchip, global pet tag

  • One month dose heart worm, Health Ins. option

  • A very nice personal starter kit or swag bag, food and much more!

  • And for our family, we offer with the purchase of a cat/kitten a complementary vaca/stay for 2! You pick from a choice of places!

Please note:
We welcome our cats back home if cannot keep or we will help find a loving fitting home. We do not allow our cats to be sold on Craigslist list or dumped at a shelter!
Animals should be thought of seriously & a commitment, they do not get a choice.

Here at Minnesota cats and Co. Our cats are bred to better the breed, we breed for health, color, confirmation temperament and striking markings that are eye-catching bling for your house, or as we like to say in fun…Eye candy! If you like unique then we have your cat!
Our cats are loved very much, and very happy plenty to do in our home and fun cattery we especially made & designed for them to enjoy with us together as well. They are use to having friends and being with family.

Our cats run $1500-$3,500

Pet/ No breeding. Spay/neuter.
Depends on markings & color
$300 non refundable deposit to Hold.
Serious inquiries only please.

Your calls are welcome, however, it’s best to Text us Initially with your full name,  where you live, and how we can help You.

Call or text >>> 507-241-0482

Marble Bengal
Snow Minx Bengal
Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers
Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

Ramsy The Playful Male Bengal Cat and Friends

Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

Life’s Abundance - Our Top Dry Kibble Nutrition Choice for all Our Cats and Dogs

As a breeder of Pure Bread Cats and Dogs, we have heard it all from sales reps selling pet food.  But when we switched to Life’s Abundance, we noticed a big difference in our animals after about five weeks. Life’s Abundance actually makes food in small batches every week. The food is delivered to the customer generally within 4-6 weeks of being made. 

We noticed how our animals had more energy and nicer coats with less shedding. Our cats and dogs would get fuller faster and eat less because the food is packed with nutrients.  Our cats and dogs produce less poop, and therefore, less flies and far less clean up.

We never skimp on nutrition with our cats. Never!

We love our cats and people who love and care for their cats will naturally want to feed what is best. We believe the extra money we spend is a long-term investment in our cat’s health and less vet bills.

Why would we buy a cheaper cat food, and think we are saving a few bucks, when we know there is honestly a better food available? Choosing the right food requires little effort. Isn’t it the least we could do for the cats we love and care so dearly for?

Real Food - Cooked and Semi Cooked For Our Cats

At our home, Minnesota Cats & Company, we recognize the importance of nutrition in the well-being of our cats. Our cats being exotic and partialy off of wild cats and we understand that there are different approaches to feeding.

Including real food such as high protein and liquid from cooked or raw diets.
It is common for responsible breeders to have knowledge & provide educational guidance on nutrition to their kitten/cat buyers. Many breeders, including Minnesota Cats & Co, may recommend a balanced and high-quality commercial cat food and real food that meets the nutritional needs of their cats. This ensures that the cats receive all the essential nutrients in the right proportions. 

Commercial cat foods are formulated to meet the specific dietary requirements of different life stages and breeds, providing a convenient and well-balanced option. At the end of the day dry food is a processed food. So picking the proper dry food & trusting a company’s known history of quality. Price does not always reflect quality. I say this because cat food has gotten expensive over the years & there is high priced garbage & higher priced quality. It’s doing your own homework. Or seeking advice from someone who may actually know. 

Important Pet Health Warning from Holistic Vet Dr. Judy Morgan

Reasons to feed Life’s Abundance Pet food:

  • Prepared and shipped in small batches right to your door
  • Shipped from temperature controlled building to ensure freshness
  • Does not contain wheat or corn—or glutens derived from those sources
  • Does not contain soy as a protein
  • Does not have any by-products, artificial preservatives or flavors
  • Has never, ever had a recall
  • Delivered fresh to your door generally within 4-6 weeks of being made
  • Made in a APHIS approved factory in the USA
  • Receive a up to a 20% discount when orders are placed on auto-ship

All of Life’s Abundance pet food was formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a holistic veterinarian who has devoted her life to nutrition.  She has won three Presidential Citations, written four books, and appeared on numerous TV shows.  She opened the largest animal rescue shelter in America.

Tasha Podratz
Life’s Abundance
Independent Field Representative 

Note: In order to participate in our Two-Year limited lifetime puppy replacement guarantee, we ask our customers to purchase this premium pet food on (Our Life’s Abundance Website Link) for secure online ordering.

Vets & your neighbors do not always know nutrition or raising kittens. Honestly! Vets know sick cats & drugs. Unless of course their focus & education is nutrition. Our favorite dries right now with no recalls have been Life’s Abundance (which we offer a longer guarantee when feeding the Life’s Abundance Pet Food.) Another dry food we recommend is Fromms. Its a different choice for your cats needs but is an acceptable alternative in our opinion.

However, it has also become increasingly popular for cat owners to choose alternative feeding approaches such as cooked or raw diets. Which I’m not going to tell you real food is not as good as processed because I know better. But on the other hand, I understand convenience! But this is where I encourage the both together! To keep your cat eating dry by mixing cooked in with dry.

The dry is full of carbs. So I recommend if choosing to do this use your dry for carb & real meat with a little vegetables to round out a healthy meal. A crock overnight for meat. Or instapot? Adding supplements after the cooking process.

These diets often consist of fresh, unprocessed ingredients and may include a variety of more meat, a bit of vegetables, and supplements. Some owners believe that these diets offer certain health benefits for their cats.

If a cat/kitten buyer expresses an interest in feeding their animal a cooked or raw diet, Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers would be happy to provide education on the topic. These are suggestions, to ensuring a balanced diet that meets the nutritional needs of the cat. Their are now great resources out their to help.

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